"At last... a 'simple to use' cashflow system which has transformed the ongoing advice and relationships with my clients. This is now part of the core proposition to my top clients who find immense value in it."
Jonathan Ayres, Olive Wealth Management, Oxfordshire

"I have been using the Life Plan system for some time now and find this to be an invaluable tool when working with clients. The ability to fully customise the input and create various what if scenarios is invaluable. I particularly like the transparency of the software as I feel it is vitality important to have a full knowledge of the underlying calculations when using the software. This tool really helps develop the client relationship beyond the matter of choosing investment funds and I believe it is vital that financial planning comes before financial advice and life plan helps me to deliver this."
Neil Rossiter, Blackdown Financial, Somerset

"LifePlan used in client meetings is illuminating and has been really well received, everyone has found it useful, and some massively useful, it is a tremendous piece of kit and we are really pleased with it"
Cliff Worthington, North West Independent, Cheshire

"Presenting Life Plan output to Clients paints pictures, saves a thousand words and helps get the message across to clients."
Allan Brown, RDB Independent, Cumbria

"I have now used Life Plan for three clients 'out of necessity'. Without fail the system has provided the answer each of the clients were seeking. Having used another system for many years there is little doubt that transparent ‘spread sheets’ are a key feature in answering any credibility issues, and LifePlan has this. In summary I would not hesitate in recommending the system to any IFA."
Ralph Dixon, DFMIFA, Devon